Fletcher Roofing Empowers Tucson Homeowners with Insurance Claims Expertise

Fletcher Roofing, the latest venture from esteemed entrepreneurs Johnnie Walker and Ben Wintermote, is proud to announce its proactive assistance program for Tucson residents navigating insurance claims related to roofing damage.

Michael Denning, a seasoned industry leader renowned for his exceptional leadership and commitment to customer satisfaction, spearheads Fletcher Roofing’s dedicated team and culture. With a wealth of experience overseeing hundreds of roof replacements, many facilitated through insurance claims, Denning is known for his unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations. His meticulous approach includes going above and beyond to ensure thorough cleanup and providing clients with transparent guidance and clear expectations throughout the process.

Recognizing the urgency and complexity surrounding insurance claims, particularly those invoking the Act of God clause, Fletcher Roofing has positioned itself as a beacon of support for homeowners seeking seamless solutions. Through meticulous guidance and expertise, Fletcher Roofing ensures customers can minimize out-of-pocket expenses while safeguarding their insurance premiums.

The Act of God clause, a critical aspect of insurance policies, offers protection to homeowners in cases of unforeseeable events such as severe storms. Leveraging its comprehensive understanding of insurance protocols, Fletcher Roofing assists clients in optimizing their claims under this provision, enabling them to access necessary repairs with minimal financial strain.

The severe storm that hit the Tucson area on July 28, 2023, caused significant damage to homes. Homeowners need to act quickly, as the deadline to make insurance claims is approaching July 28, 2024. To make the most out of their insurance benefits and protect their properties, homeowners are advised to seek specialized assistance from Fletcher Roofing. Time is of the essence, so prompt action is crucial.

Johnnie Walker and Ben Wintermote, renowned for their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, affirm their dedication to serving the Tucson community through Fletcher Roofing. With a focus on transparency, integrity, and unparalleled craftsmanship, Fletcher Roofing stands poised to redefine the roofing experience for homeowners across the Tucson area.

Don’t miss this opportunity to safeguard your home and secure peace of mind with Fletcher Roofing.For inquiries or assistance with insurance claims, please email Johnnie Walker at Admin@fletcherroofingllc.com

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